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Web Malware Detection

Web Malware Detection

Scans your website at regular intervals to determine if hackers have injected malicious code on your site. Speed is important here, we will detect the malware even before Google knows about it and backlists your site.

Uptime Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring

Our set of tools automatically monitors your site uptime. If the site goes down or become unavailable an immediate notification is sent to our team who can quick actions.



We take backup of the entire site once a month. The backup includes all database and the source code. All these are securely stored.

How TWS works

How TotalWebSecurity(TWS) Works:

It is impossible to detect the hack automatically as the hack code is just like any normal code. We have a dedicated team who will continuously monitor your site. Our team of engineers will first review the site and install a Server side scanner which will scan for files. The scanner will scan at regular intervals, send the TimeStamp and MD5 Hash of files/directory to a central server. Our team of engineers monitors all the sites for a single DashBoard and take immediate action if something goes wrong.

The scanner is designed to work very efficiently. It runs in 2 modes a) Lite Mode and b) Full Scan. The Lite mode runs more frequently and the Full scan runs only once a day. They report File Integrity status to the server. In addition to this there are other tools which keeps checking the Site uptime and also checks if the domain is listed under list of blacklisted domains or not.

TotalWebSecurity is your one stop solution for your web security needs. It combines best of Automation and Team of Experts to make sure that your sites are always safe and running live.

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You have been Hacked

Risks of a site getting hacked:

  • Google & other Search Engines will blacklist your site and all major browsers will block your site from opening in the browser.
  • Sales will drop to 0 as visitors won't be able to open your site.
  • Traffic to your site will be reduced to 0. Your site's SEO rank will fall.
  • Web Hosting company hosting your site will disable your account as hacked site break their Terms & Conditions. Loss of Google Adword revenue Agree to Terms & Conditions.
  • Loss of Google Adword revenue.

Web Protection

Total Web Security is one of the leading Web Protection filtering solution. Web Security Site Scanner identifies security flaws and vulnerabilities in your published website. A database of several customizable Web categories, including constantly updated security categories, enables organizations worldwide to manage acceptable use policy and block access to sites associated with spyware, phishing, keylogging and other threats.

Total Web Security Site Scanner's daily scan can identify malware URLs, SQL injection flaws, cross-site scripting (XSS) and other common threats. Every issue includes details about the vulnerability and suggestions for how to fix it in your website.

Is your wordpress website got hacked, We use to fix hacked wordpress website by removing malware code. We do security and vulnerability scan and fix your malware infected wordpress website.