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OmkarSoft.com has developed this scanner tool as a preventive measure for sites from getting hit by malware and then subsequently blacklisted by Google and browsers.

With 5 years of experience in Web Development, we came across many such sites which were affected by malware. Cleaning the malware is not a big task but to remove from Blacklisting it takes around 24 hours which can result in loss of revenue and loss of reputation. Our tool works very fast and our team of engineers are notified almost instantly if a site is hacked or not and we immediately clean it.

We also provide Backup of sites and also apply updates to Wordpress/Joomla sites on regular basis. We already have a groundbreaking tool. We also have an outstanding team of experts who will ensure that your site is always running live and safe.

OmkarSoft.com has a strong team of dedicated engineers and we can do any projects in Web Domain, .NET applications and iPhone/Android Applications. Please feel free to contact us for any of your programming needs.
OmkarSoft.com is a company which you can rely on for high quality work and professional service, we always put our clients first.