• What is Totalwebsecurity?
  • TotalWebSecurity is your one stop solution for your web security needs. It combines best of Automation and Team of Experts to make sure that your sites are always safe and running live.
  • Is the whole process fully Automated?
  • It is not possible to fully automate detecting and cleaning of Website malware as WebSite malware is just another piece of code.
    We combime the best of automation and manual work to ensure your site is safe. Unlike other companies, we have a team who monitors your site round the clock.
  • What kind of sites or platform you support.
  • We can work on sites from plain HTML to complex PHP sites which includes wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc.
  • What are the most common reason for a site to be hacked.
  • Over years we monitored many sites and found that outdates sites and poor password management are responsible for most site attack.
    Make sure your website is upto date for example if you use Wordpress, ensure you update your wordpress site. Keep your passwords strong and change them on regular basis.
  • What if you cannot clean a site?
  • We try our best to clean each and every site we monitor. In case we are not able to clean your site, we will refund we will promtly refund the money for the remaining duration of time. For example if you sign up for a year and in 4th month your site gets hacked and we are not able to fix it, we will refund for the remaining 9 months.
  • Once you fix a site can it get reinfected.
  • It is a hostile world outside, and yes a site can get re-infected, but if you are in our monitoring plan we will clean your site each and every time without any extra cost.
  • I have a server with many sites so for a single plan will you cover all the sites?
  • I am sorry, the plan is for single domain name like www.mysite.com and its sub-directories like www.mysite.com/blog. Even sub-domains like crm.mysite.com will be considered as a different domain name.
  • Do you offer any Add-on services?
  • Yes, we do offer. We can apply security updates to your site software for example update wordpress whenever there is a new update available. For this we need to first inspect the site and then we will give a quote.
    We can also do unlimited text changes to your site at fixed monthly cost. With this you don't have to pay a bomb to someone just for changing the phone number on your site.
    We can also do a SEO audit of your site and give you recommendation.
    Last but not the least, we can do any kind of Custom programming for you.
  • What do you do when the site becomes down or unavailable?
  • Our set of tools automatically monitors your site uptime. If the site goes down or become unavailable an immediate notification is sent to our team who can take quick actions.
  • How does Uptime Monitoring Tool works here?
  • ToalWebSecurity Uptime monitoring tool help to keep thousands of websites and applications up and running, ensuring that the Websites are available and loading quickly. Using ToalWebSecurity you can quickly determine potential problems and avoid expensive slowdowns, website outages, client satisfaction issues and precious time.
  • What are the implications of a website hack?
  • A website hack can have dire consequences ranging from loss of confidential data, broken trust and a drop in traffic. At the end of the day, a hacked website will cost you money either in damages or loss of business.
Data and Backup FAQs
  • Will you take back up of the sites?
  • Yes , we take backup of the sites and Backup of sites and also apply updates to Wordpress/Joomla sites on regular basis. We already have a groundbreaking tool. We also have an outstanding team of experts who will ensure that your site is always running live and safe.
  • How do you backup our sites?
  • Using our services, you are able to have regular, on-the-fly backups to make sure your files are kept safe off-site but online to protect yourself against data loss due to damaged equipment, software upgrades, viruses, user mistakes, hackers and theft.
  • What happens if the site is blacklisted by Google?
  • Once blacklisted, all modern browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari will block access to the site. This leads to drop in visitors, sales and destroys the reputation of the site
Pricing and Payment FAQs
  • Do you provide any offers if multiples sites are given to scan?
  • Yes, For Multiple Sites You can get our Special Prices. Contact Us now for more details.
  • Do you offer help if my site is already hacked?
  • Yes, Definitely. If your site is hacked, we will clean it up and also you can sign up for totalwebsecurity.com so that we proactively manage your site.
Security FAQs
  • What is a security vulnerability?
  • In software, security vulnerability basically refers to a bug or defect in program/application which allows cyber-criminals to execute malicious code that further download and execute malware.
  • How can I be sure it is safe to use your service?
  • This service is 100% safe. It doesn't require that you install anything on your computer or on your web server. It just downloads web pages and analyzes their HTML code to unmask hidden content.
General FAQs
  • Should I scan with a domain or IP address?
  • It is preferable to scan with a domain name (i.e. mywebsite.com). An IP address could contain more than one domain, including sites that do not belong to you.
  • What kind of files will Total web security scan?
  • Our scanner is developed in PHP and it needs PHP runtime to run. So that means any hosting which supports PHP can use this scanner.
  • How to avoid being hacked?
  • Keep changing all the passwords at regular intervals or choose strong passwords to authenticate your website and never write them down or leave them stored on your computer in plain text files.Secondly, make sure that your website uses software that is up to date.Make sure you have the latest version of AntiVirus and AntiSpyware on your PC and scan your PC once in 2 weeks.
    Have a full backup of your site's code and the database. Try to have only 1 user account for FTP and Cpanel.
    Don't share passwords over email, chat, Skype. We at OmkarSoft.com developed a security tool for exchanging passwords. It uses 256-bit client site encryption to encrypt the login before sending it over the internet. That encrypted password can only be decrypted by us.
  • How long does it take to scan ?
  • Our scanner is very efficient and runs in 2 modes
    a) Lite Mode in which it scans for some random files every 1 hr and
    b) Comprehensive scanning in this mode the scanner will scan all files once a day.
  • What is CMS?
  • CMS stands for Content Management System and refers to software that is running on your website such as WordPress. We have built a scanner dedicated to these programs that provides an added value to our regular scan. We recommend you turn on this option.
  • What is a .htaccess file?
  • This is a configuration file that can control many settings for your website. For that reason, it is very often a target of choice by hackers who can edit it to add redirections to malicious URLs when someone visits your website.