How TotalWebSecurity(TWS) Works

It is impossible to detect the hack automatically as the hack code is just like any normal code. We have a dedicated team who will continuously monitor your site. Our team of engineers will first review the site and install a Server side scanner which will scan for files. The scanner will scan at regular intervals, send the TimeStamp and MD5 Hash of files/directory to a central server. Our team of engineers monitors all the sites for a single DashBoard and take immediate action if something goes wrong.

The scanner is designed to work very efficiently. It runs in 2 modes a) Lite Mode and b) Full Scan. The Lite mode runs more frequently and the Full scan runs only once a day. They report File Integrity status to the server. In addition to this there are other tools which keeps checking the Site uptime and also checks if the domain is listed under list of blacklisted domains or not.

How TWS works

Below are list of common questions:

a) What are the supported platforms which can be used for this scanner?

Our scanner is developed in PHP and it needs PHP runtime to run. So that means any hosting which supports PHP can use this scanner. Below are the important platforms which are supported:

b) Is it possible to have a complete automated system to detect and clean the malware?

No. The malware code is very similar to other code your site has and so it is difficult to detect malware code automatically. And since the code cannot be detected automatically it cannot be cleaned automatically. The best approach is a mix of automation and Manual work. This is what we employ, we use tools to detect any malware or hack attempt and once we get some signal our team of engineers manually check the files. Take for example the Wordpress Pharma hack, in this case the normal user will not be able to detect the hack, it is only targeted for Google Bots.

c) How does work?

We install a scanner on every site which periodically scans the files and send the reports to our central server. Our team of engineers monitors the logs and if they get any signal they manually verify those changed files. Our automated tool uses timestamp and MD5 to detect if any files have been changed, or a new file/directory is created. This is commonly known as "File Integrity validation"

d) How fast can report a site attack?

Our scanner is very efficient and runs in 2 modes a) Lite Mode in which it scans for some random files every 1 hr and b) Comprehensive scanning in this mode the scanner will scan all files once a day.

e) Will the scanner slow down my site?

The lite mode of the scanner only takes couple of seconds to run and doesn't put any load on the server. The Comprehensive has to scan all the files in your server which might take time based on how many files you have in your server. The Comprehensive Scan runs less frequently.

f) What other services are provided by

We take full backup of the site's code and database once a month. We apply patches for wordpress and joomla once a month to make sure that the site is running the latest version of the software. Our monitoring servers also keeps checking if your site is listed under Google Blacklist or not. We also montior your site for uptime.

g) What are the requirements for this scanner?

This scanner is developed in PHP and so it needs PHP to run the scanner.

Following Hosting comapines are very well supported