Security Tutorials

Security Tutorial

  • Reported Site Attack
  • Clean a Website
  • Wordpress Hack
  • Joomla Hack
  • Obfuscated Code
  • What is Malware?
  • Fetch as GoogleBot
  • Malicious code
  • Security Tips

Every day 6,000 websites get blacklisted by Google and other search engines. Once blacklisted, all modern browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari will block access to the site. This leads to drop in visitors, sales and destroys the reputation of the site

You can protect your website, your visitors and your reputation by employing website scanning and monitoring tools in less than 5 minutes. In case your website gets infected, you will get detailed alerts about how to remove web-malware from your website and prevent the reputation of your website from getting tarnished.

Unlike the other things you own, your site is always accessible to the whole world and infact this is what you want. Anyone with wrong intention will try to hack the site and if your site goes down, it results in loss of revenue and loss of reputation. We have listed some basic tutorial about Site security and some tips which you can use to make your site more secure.

Please read the tutorial and let us know if you have any comments, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Check if your site is blacklisted by Google or not.